We Empower, Educate and Inspire.

Porducare Enterprise is a social enterprise that is dedicated to the production and branding of quality shea butter to provide a ready market for local shea butter producers, create employment opportunities for the youth, empower women economically, and protect the shea trees. The Shea industry is a major source of livelihood for over two million households in Northern Ghana and has the potential of alleviating poverty and creating sustainable jobs. Despite the huge market size, local Shea producers do not get their rightful share as a result of low quality and poor packaging. In effect, local shea producers in northern Ghana fell the Shea trees and burn them into charcoal. Others move to urban cities to seek non-existing greener pastures.

This is because they see no value in the Shea trees since they are not making their rightful ends means from them. We facilitate the formation of women groups and build their capacities on product quality to ensure they produce quality shea butter in larger quantities to meet the market demand. We source raw Shea nuts directly from these groups at premium prices and also refine some of the organic Shea butter into shea pomade, lotion, and other shea products.

Porducare Enterprise is making a difference in agribusiness by producing, branding, and marketing high-quality shea butter from shea nuts gathered in the wild by rural women in Northern Ghana. Through this, shea nut pickers have gained access to higher-end markets and a larger share of the value from nuts picked. Our solution has increased the sales revenue of local shea butter producers making it possible to reduce the burning/cutting of shea trees and has prevented many from moving from Northern Ghana to seek for non-existing greener pastures. As a social enterprise, part of our profit is used to purchase sanitary towels and educational materials for the less privileged.

Currently, we refine some of the raw shea butter into pomade, lotion, and other natural products with natural essential oils and fragrances to reduce the rate at which people get skin diseases as a result of using pomades/creams with harmful chemicals.

About the CEO; Dumba Portia

Dumba Portia, the CEO of this social enterprise is a young entrepreneur who has the plight of women and young girls at heart. She hails from the Upper West Region of Ghana. She is a youth leader, mentor to young girls, an advocate for women empowerment, and an environmental protection advocate. Portia is a teacher by profession currently working in the Sawla Tuna Kalba District in the Savannah Region of Ghana.
Having risen from a humble family, Portia is compassionate, tolerant, kind-hearted, and a team player. This translates into her efforts in helping learners at her school with cloths, teaching and learning resources as well as training young ladies and women in rural areas to add value to shea butter for sale.

Portia is well-presented, self-motivated and focused young lady with passion for youth development. Her contribution to youth participation and development is quite enormous as a staunch advocate for youth, girls and young women rights and empowerment in the Upper West Region. Her strong demonstration of leadership further earned her the Community Aid for Rural Development (CARD-GHANA) recognition as they named her among their SHELEADS project model- one of their ongoing projects in the Region promoting girls and young women leadership and inclusion in decision making spaces.

This new recognition has further provided her platform to engage frequently with more youths, adults and children to better understand their plights and concerns and also join in finding concrete solutions to those issues during the organisation's outreaches in the Upper West Region.

Dumba Portia, together with her team is focused on adding value to shea Butter for sale whilst touching lives in Northern Ghana through impactful social interventions.

About the General Manager; Bakal Rainer

Bakal B. Rainer is a professional teacher and an entrepreneur, with knowledge and experience in graphic design and social media marketing. He is a passionate and hardworking young man capable of completing task in a given time with available resources. Bakal B. Rainer brings a wide range of skills to the business, having worked in rural communities. He also has in-dept knowledge in research and development. His engagement with all stakeholders within the business value chain is great.

About the Sales Manager; Amadu Afisa

Amadu Afisa is the marketing and sales manager with over 5years marketing experience. She combines the traditional and digital marketing skills to attract new customers and also retain and maintain our existing customer base. She uses digital tools such as social media to advertise our company and the products in a more effective and less expensive way. Due to her outgoing personality and outstanding managerial skills, she is able to attract new customers to the business and also retain the old ones. Her contribution to the business positively affects the sales.